Lost & Found Pets in Louisville, KY

Found a dog or cat? Please feel free to call our office 24/7 at (502) 333-9072 for pickup options. 

Jefferson County Animal Control does not take lost dog and cat calls over the phone. If you have lost an animal anywhere in Louisville Metro, please select the appropriate option below. 

Any dogs and cats picked up by Jefferson County Animal Control will be sent to the shelter facility at 3528 Newburg Road run by Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government. Those animals can be viewed through the appropriate links below. Prior to transporting an animal to the facility, our team will check the animal for a microchip using a HomeAgain Universal Microchip Scanner. If your animals chip is compatable with this scanner and we find a hit we will transport it back to the owner in the field without taking it to the Newburg Rd. shelter facility.

You can reclaim a lost animal at 3528 Newburg Road. We recommend checking the shelter at least every other day as new animals constantly come in and the animals are held in a stray holding period for 5 days before being euthanized or adopted. There are hundreds of animals in this facility and it can be difficult to look for them solely through the links below. They are sometimes mis-identified and listed incorrectly. Fees will be charged to reclaim an animal.
Looking for a pet? Here's some adoptable animals in Jefferson County, Kentucky!